Products & Services

Camelot Technologies Group

Camelot Technologies Group - Engineering, Power Equipment, Environmental Permitting, Site Analysis and Renewable Energy.

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Engine Cleaning Technology

Engine Cleaning Technology - Water Wash Skids, Specialty Chemicals, Custom Skids, Nozzles, EcoMat Containment System, Repair/Replace, Installation and Commissioning.

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JDH Energy Solutions

JDH Energy Solutions - Power Consumption Analysis, Field Services, Installation & Commissioning, Auxiliary Upgrades/ Repair/Replace, Water Wash skid, fogging systems, Fire Detection and Suppression packages, Gas Extinguishing System, Foam Systems, Fire Alarm Systems (FAS), Maintenance Contracts, LDAR and Leak Detection, Laser Scanning/3D Modeling for site, Used and Excess Parts and Equipment, Project Management, Country Risk Assessment.

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Locker Radiant Heat Shielding

Locker Radiant Heat Shielding
- Heat and Weather Shielding, Repair/Replace and Installation.

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